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About Us


Marginal Exchange Financial Group is an Offshore Finance Company that provides financial services in different areas including investments in order to protect private and business capital and invest the best. For greater security offers to customers the freedom to manage their own capital through Personal Home Banking . We are working in the financial sector for a long time now.


Marginal Exchange Financial Group helps to invest the best client’s capital through collaboration with the best banks which are located in protected jurisdictions.

Marginal Exchange Financial Group owes several trust companies in United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Bermudas, Germany, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Mauritius, Belize, Northern Cyprus and other part of the world, a treasury company and other companies providing financial services in many countries. Having affiliated inter structure, the Group offers full range of trust banking, credit card and investment services for high net worth individuals, active day-traders and international entrepreneurs.
Marginal Exchange Financial Group is specialized in several fields for International Trading Businesses and Financial Institutions.
In banking context Marginal Exchange Financial Group is represented by our trust company. In this way it is possible to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements to give more protection to transaction’s confidentiality. We can guarantee our customers quality services thanks to a highly skilled staff specialized in finance sector and a group of lawyers with years of experience, working for the trust.


Why is it more convenient to choose an Offshore Finance Company instead of the Bank:

  1. The account opening procedure is faster and less bureaucratic.
  2. Finance’s professionals specialized in secure transactions are working for us.
  3. We have a group of lawyers who advise and point out possible risks to find the appropriate solution to the requirements of each customer type.
  4. Our financial transactions are always protected..
  5. Our company takes any responsibility and solves everything successfully caused no damages to the customer.
  6. The client remains always anonymous. We strictly respects privacy and banking secrecy.
  7. We are not under Central Bank control.
  8. We offer high quality assistance. We are respectful with the customer and do not ask a lot of questions.
  9. Our staff is multilingual.


Marginal Exchange Financial Group highly qualified professional staff offers customer services in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Arabic.

In 2013 Marginal Exchange Financial Group will be granted an Official License bank.

Your money is save in this tax Heaven for your private and business savings.
Marginal Exchange Financial Group offers its clients possibility to open anonymous (coded) bank accounts to ensure confidentiality. As a result, your financial operations will be 100% anonymous and will be kept confidential between you and Marginal Exchange Financial Group.

Our Company also deals with the establishment of offshore companies in the following countries:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Turkey
  • Panama
  • St.Vincent
  • Seychelles
  • Bermudas
  • Cyprus
  • New Zealand (shares companies and trust)
  • Belize
  • Switzerland
  • Mauritius


Opening of anonymous bank account (director – resident beneficiary can be provided by our law firm) included in the price that we will notify you in according to the chosen jurisdiction.

The most required services are:

  • Deposit and Custody.
  • Money or Value transfer.
  • Issuing and managing means of payment.
  • Foreign Currency Exchange.
  • Keeping, investing, administering, or managing money, securities, or investment portfolios.
  • As exception can receive transfers direct to the account via Western Union and Money Gram. Credited in 3-8 working hours.

Sending money around the world
If you need to send money around the world, we’ll be happy to arrange that for you. We offer the following transfers:

  •  Drafts in major currencies.
  • Transfers to move funds electronically around the world in global network.

We charge for some of these transfers, but we’re confident, you’ll find us competitive.

Marginal Exchange Financial Group Image a world where…

you can manage your bank accounts from everywhere in the world just by clicking from your laptop… Without time zone 24 hours per day and 365 days per year. As we call it 365/24/7.
all your local or international payments are managed by your private network.
the T/T can be credited on your account in few seconds after receiving the exact amount expected.
your supplier send you the goods in the same day you made the payment to them.
you have only one fee to pay for the T/T, which makes you and your clients save on excessive costs for the transaction.
any companies , which operate in the network , must be valuated in order to meet the criteria of reliability’.
the client confirms the payment and can verify in a few seconds from his/her desk.

Marginal Exchange Financial Group is proud to be the only one that can provide a “bespoke” solution for everyone.


Key Points

  • Money Transfer Worldwide in any currency.
  • Currency Exchange.
  • Escrow Accounts.
  • Pre-Paid System with Mastercard/VISA.
  • No risk in money exchange.
  • As exception can receive transfers direct to the account via Western Union and Money Gram. Credited in 3-8 working hours.

Our Clients

  • Banks.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Companies.
  • Import-Export Companies.
  • E-Commerce web sites.
  • Travel Agencies.
  • International Non-profitable Organizations.

Forex Trading Group
On the Forex market Marginal Exchange Financial Group operates very successfully through Forexpros, a trading group with a professional staff. The capital from this sector is 17% total financial income of Marginal Exchange Financial Group.

Since Marginal Exchange Financial Group by law provide private banking services we offer low profile with inconsiderable official audit. In accordance with our Statute, Marginal Exchange Financial Group and partnering companies provide the following services:

  • Bank Accounts – Private and Corporate.
  • Investment Accounts – Earn interest on your deposits through certificates of deposit (CD’s) issued by our banking partners.
  • Debit Cards – Flexible cash spending worldwide using our offshore debit card.
  • Loans back-to-back – Whether the funds are to be used as start-up capital for your new business venture or for fixed assets purchase, back-to-back loan is a perfect solution for both.

Its global network is currently represented in 12 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asian-Pacific region.

The company is a leader in providing innovative investment banking and financial services and is targeted to satisfy the most demanding international banking needs. Using our international network and advanced technology, Marginal Exchange Financial Group is able to provide the following services: investment banking, small business and commercial banking, financial transaction processing, asset management, private wealth management and tailored solutions.

Nowadays world is experiencing difficult times in banking secrecy and privacy. The Banks in countries with advanced economy as well as Swiss Bank, which were considered the safest in this respect, now have to align with the new regulations worldwide. Only Caribbean Financial institutions ( Caribbean Offshore finance company ) professionally organized and legally protected are still able to offer and guarantee the confidentiality of transactions and savings of citizens worldwide.

Marginal Exchange Financial Group is supported by our international staff selected to assist our diverse clients in every step towards financial liberty through modern offshore banking. Every client is provided a personalized service from our dedicated accounts managers.

Marginal Exchange Financial Group offers service to satisfy your most demanding international banking needs. Explore our website to find out more about our products and services. Submit your application and you’re on your way to a hassle free international banking.

Having anonymous bank account with us might make easier property purchase in another country. Our anonymous bank account provides a secure haven for your money wherever you decide to locate it. By using Marginal Exchange Financial Group’s Anonymous Bank Account we guarantee a future to your savings.