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Bank Accounts

Manage your money from anywhere with an offshore bank account from MEFG.

You can choose one of the three types of transaction accounts offered by MEFG. All three account types come with the following features (for more information on a specific account, please see below):

  • 24 hour internet banking;
  • International money transfers;
  • A choice of 4 currencies (USD, CHF, EURO, GBP);
  • Interest paid inclusive of tax;
  • Account opening fee.


Offshore Bank Account Basic (private or corporate)

  • A flexible transactional account for day-to-day banking;
  • Available in USD, CHF, EURO and GBP;
  • Debit card (only USD);
  • Minimum balance £ 3,000 or € 3,000 or USD$ 5,000 or CHF 5,000;
  • With interest.


Offshore Bank Account Premium (private or corporate)

  • MEFG Premium is a whole new way of growing your money to help you get to where you want to be.
  • Minimum balance £ 10,000 or € 10,000 or USD$ 20,000  CHF 20,000;
  • 1.0 % introductory interest rate (for 3 months only); further interest rate 0.35 % p.a.


Offshore Bank Account VIP (private or corporate)

  • Open your offshore account with MEFG VIP and enjoy an exclusive service with no monthly fee.
  • MEFG VIP Relationship Management service;
  • Minimum balance £ 15,000 or € 15,000 or USD$ 30,000 or CHF 30,000;
  • 1.5% introductory interest rate (for 3 months only); further interest rate 0.55 % p.a.

All VIP account holders are entitled to telephone support by his/her personal manager 24/7.


Money Transfer fees:

MEFG customers Via Internet
To an account held in your name at one of our branches USD $25
To an account not held in your name at one of our branches USD $50
To other banks within the MEFG Group 1% of the sum
To all other banks 1.5 % of the sum

* Interests to be paid monthly

The capital invested by different methods with MEFG investment never exceeds the limit (% of share capital), determined by the Statute, which is’ based on a very careful and prudent financial policy. In this way, can always guarantee availability of money to its customers at any time even on the long-term investment accounts.

With MEFG you can open a personal or corporate anonymous bank account. Using an anonymous bank account offer possibilities that are not open to household financial customer. The opening procedure of a anonymous bank account online is very easy and convenient. By using MEFG’s Anonymous Bank Account you warrant a future to yours savings.