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Anonymous Platinum Credit Cards.
The exclusive offer of Overseas First Federal.

Is a anonymous credit card linked to your account at MEFG. It has no withdrawal limit. It’s gives you cash availability as much as $ 4000 per day plus all MasterCard products and services.


What is the advantage of this card?

The main advantage for a holder of a Platinum anonymous credit card is that provides a practical and direct access to your bank account funds.


A Platinum anonymous credit card works almost as a national credit card. It usually has a MasterCard label and are accepted in more than 14 million places around the world and provides access to his/her own account funds with hundreds of thousands of ATM’s and bank’s branches all over the world.


Despite this similarities there are some differences between a credit card and a Platinum card. The vast majority of credit cards are “guaranteed”. It is required to a private investor to provide a security deposit together with the card request therefore a private investors is not require to undergo credit control. The amount of the deposit depends on the institution but usually is between 125 % and 150% of the credit application (e.g. 150%, a credit line of  $ 20 000 requires a deposit of $30 000) although some institutions requires deposits up to 200 % of the credit requested.


  • Every MARGINAL EXCHANGE FINANCIAL GROUP account holder will be able to have 4 Platinum cards.
  • With 4 Platinum cards is possible to withdraw $ 160 000 per month.


No deposit is required for issuing a Platinum anonymous credit card. Is the best solution specially for those who needs higher daily withdrawal limits. A Platinum card ensures greater safety. Allows access only to the money  that has been loaded onto the card. This limit any possibility of loss of funds due to theft or lost of card. You have immediate access to funds loaded on the card trough your bank. In the meantime the rest of your money stay in your account earning interest.

For MEFG’s VIP account holders a Platinum card will be provided free of charge. For “Basic or Premium” account holders will be charged a fee in order to get a Platinum card. Every customer of MEFG will be entitled to received a anonymous credit card as soon as the account opening procedure is complete.

Anonymous Credit card features:

  •  Linked to your Offshore Bank Account;
  • Available in USD$;
  • Internationally accepted;
  • MasterCard circuit;
  • Maximum daily withdrawal USD$ 4,000;
  • Can be anonymous;
  • Can be recharged directly by the client via Home Banking.


Anonymous Credit Card fees and charges:

Service description

Fee in USD $
ATM Withdrawal fee $3.0
ATM Balance Inquiry/Transaction History fee $0.5
ATM Transaction Decline fee $0.5
Online & POS Transaction fee $1.0
Online & POS Decline fee $0.5
Monthly Administrative fee $3.5
Card Load fee $15
Card to Card Transfer fee $2


Other important information about your Anonymous Credit Card:

  • Maximum load limit per prepaid card is USD $ 40.000 a month;
  • The minimum withdrawal amount from ATM USD $10;
  • Minimum balance USD $10 (otherwise the card will be blocked and it could take 48 hours to reactivate it).

Having a Overseas bank account with us may make such things as property purchase in another country easier. Our Overseas bank account provide a secure haven for your money wherever you decide to locate it. By using MEFG’s Bank Account you warrant a future to yours savings.