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Your information is not being divulged to anyone and your financial affairs will remain private between you and MARGINAL EXCHANGE FINANCIAL GROUP.

Being accessible in possibly non-risk location for our customers Marginal Exchange Financial Group has established customer contact centers in around the world. We have chosen our Documents Storage Center under jurisdiction with very strong privacy laws, so Your all documents are with our trusted attorneys providing additional protection.

Our entire company, and each of the products and financial services we offer, were meticulously engineered to protect your financial privacy.

This is tax haven for your savings. Here Your money is safe.

Marginal Exchange Financial Group offers its clients the possibility to open anonymous (coded) bank accounts to ensure confidentiality. As a result, Your financial operations will be 100% anonymous and will be kept confidential between You and MARGINAL EXCHANGE FINANCIAL GROUP.

Private banking in the Caribbean has developed almost beyond recognition from the early days. Suitcases full of cash being flown around tropical islands in small planes are now only found in the movies. By using Marginal Exchange Financial Groups Caribbean Offshore Banking You warrant a future to Yours savings.

Secure Data Storage and Encryption

Confidential information or highly sensitive data is stored securely and protected with stringent access controls. The following are two common ways to secure sensitive data. Both methods are incorporated into our Marginal Exchange Financial Group system.

  • When your information is traveling over Internet, it is encrypted. Encryption technology disguises information to hide its meaning and enhances confidentiality by restricting information access to only intended users. Encryption-based methods can also be used to verify message authenticity and accuracy. Information is encrypted and encrypted with a cipher and key using special computer hardware or software. Secrecy of the key and complexity of the cipher are crucial for the success of encryption controls. When you initiate an Online Banking session with Marginal Exchange Financial Group our web server and your browser will communicate using the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and 128-bit encryption keys. This means it would be virtually impossible for even a “super computer” to obtain messages and information coded with this technology.
  • Firewalls are physical devices, software programs, or both enhancing security by monitoring and limiting access to computer facilities. They create a security barrier between two or more networks to protect Marginal Exchange Financial Group computer system from unauthorized entry. Filtering routers are incorporated into firewall system to screen data traffic and direct messages to certain locations.

Online banking (or Internet banking) allows customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website operated by their retail or virtual bank, credit union or building society. Online banking solutions have many features and capabilities in common, but traditionally also have some that are application specific. By using Marginal Exchange Financial Groups Online banking you warrant a future to yours savings.

Web Browsers

Marginal Exchange Financial Group continually upgrades its online banking services to ensure safe and secure online transactions to its clients. If your web browser is out of date it might not meet our security standards and therefore you might not be able to access sensitive transactions such as Internet banking. Ensure you regularly update your web browser.


We use Usernames and Passwords to identify our customers. In order to access your account via Internet banking you will have to type in the correct Username and Password. You should never disclose your Password and should not use the same Password for other internet services (such as e-mail etc).

Automatic blocking

In case of multiple incorrect attempts to log in, we disable access to your account via Internet Banking. To reactivate your account, you should contact your account manager.

The Offshore Finance Company is not subject to capital reserve requirements. Although the Offshore Finance Company is not subject to Central Bank supervision and regulation, its activities are regulated by several acts. By using Marginal Exchange Financial Groups (Offshore finance company) you warrant a future to yours savings.